Tiny Email

Tiny Email sends short ("tiny") versions of email to you whenever the email arrives at your post office. These "tiny emails" are geared to fit into one mobile phone SMS message.

For instance, TinyEmail2AIM, an AIM 'bot, may be commanded to send these "tiny emails" to you when you are signed on to AOL's AIM Instant Messaging system.

To tell Tiny Email to send these "tiny emails," you tell Tiny Email your email account information:

  Internet post office name (if not AOL)
  Post office user name (if non AOL post office or if name is different from AIM Screen Name)
  Post office password

Once started, every minute or two, Tiny Email signs in to your account on your behalf and monitors the arriving email. Tiny Email does not modify, does not mark as having been read, and does not delete the email unless you explicitly tell it to do so.

When Tiny Email detects new mail, it distills the email into a "tiny" form and sends the results to you.

So that you are not irritated by useless messages (or charged for them by whatever messaging system you receive the "tiny emails" through), Tiny Email filters most spam from your "tiny email."

To avoid receiving "tiny emails" for expected, repetitive emails, you may tell Tiny Email to ignore emails from particular senders or to ignore emails with particular subjects.

Once you have told Tiny Email your email account information, starting and stopping Tiny Email is quick and easy.

With the forget command, you may tell Tiny Email to forget all information about you: email account name, password, and the entity (e.g. AIM screen name) that was receiving the "tiny email".

Send E-Mail to TinyEmail's Administrator.

Example Tiny Email:

To: InstantInform@aol.com
From: talker1234@null.net
Subject: Re: m100 battery capacitor for hire

On Wed, 29 Feb 1889 19:17:13 GMT, someone_else@null.mil (Who
Am I) writes:

>I don't have any statistics to back it up, I would wager that a good
>plurality of m100 users picked up the device because it was cheap, and not
>because it met their needs. Either there isn't a need, or there was a need
>artificially created through advertising or peer pressure or just a plain
>old fashioned technology fetish. When they're giving away m100's with
>cosmetics, sandwiches, and oil changes, how much can we really expect of
>such a device? People who have specific portable or wireless needs
>generally also have done the research and can spend the extra money for
>another device. There's no getting around the fact that the m100 is kinda

egad! Smilies aside, I think you are correct that people buy the M100
because it is cheap.  However, if it also meets their needs, then
what is wrong with using a cheap PDA?

Sender's sig name
Where he's from and such

becomes something like (Note: Tiny Email contains adaptive logic):

talker1234@null.net: RE:m100 battery capacitor 4 hire/egad! Smilies aside,
I think ur correct people buy M100 cuz tis cheap. However, if it

Tiny Email's messages follow these formats:

  From: Subject/Body
  From: Subject/+/Body The email contains a compressed (e.g. ZIP) file attachment.
  From: Subject/-/Body The email contains a text/PDF/PS/RTF file attachment.
  From: Subject/*/Body The email contains a DOC/XLS/PPT etc. file attachment. It should be treated with caution.
  From: Subject/!/Body The email contains an executable (e.g. EXE) file attachment and should be treated with extreme caution.

Tiny Email Commands

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