The Original "Doodlogical Test" Doodles

Back in the spring of, hmmmm, I guess it was 'long about '87, a feller by the name of Ken Birdwell was kidding me (Alex Robinson) about my doodles. He affected a French accent and spoke reverently of the characteristics of this someday-to-be "great art".

We observed that different people would prefer different doodles. Art, great or not, is different for everyone, after all.

So, one thing led to another and one question riveted us: could doodle preferences be as accurate about a person's soul as, say, the Bananalogical test is in determining a person's true age?

How to answer that question?

Being practical people, we immediately gathered 18 carefully selected doodles from the special, round doodle storage compartment.

And created the Doodlogical Test.

The original test required the testee to flip through the 18 doodles, evaluating them on a scale of 1 to 2. That is, "yes" or "no". "Like"/"Dislike". ... Or something equally as binary.

The tester offered no help or advice beyond vague instructions like, "'Yes' or 'No' for each. You decide however you want."

We gave the Doodlogical Test to several dozens of people, spanning many professions, ages, and walks of life.

We wrote a super-duper-sophisticated, BASIC program to number-crunch the huge volume of data accumulated on scraps of paper.

Was there any relationship between Doodlogical Test answers and anything we could think of?

Why, yes, indeedy. We found one and only one thing. ... When we measured the distance of all testees from "average":

  1. Two individuals stood out from the rest. They were quite different from each other, mind you. But they did stand out as, well, how shall we say it: "outliers."

    For privacy reasons, their names shall forever remain a deep secret, known only to top Doodlologists.

And, then we lost the BASIC program and all that carefully computerized data.

And, the test doodles and paper scraps went in to a folder.

And, the folder went in to the room so clearly shown at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark".




Until now...

Doodle 01: Doodle  1 Doodle 02: Doodle  2 Doodle 03: Doodle  3
Doodle 04: Doodle  4 Doodle 05: Doodle  5 Doodle 06: Doodle  6
Doodle 07: Doodle  7 Doodle 08: Doodle  8 Doodle 09: Doodle  9
Doodle 10: Doodle 10 Doodle 11: Doodle 11 Doodle 12: Doodle 12
Doodle 13: Doodle 13 Doodle 14: Doodle 14 Doodle 15: Doodle 15
Doodle 16: Doodle 16 Doodle 17: Doodle 17 Doodle 18: Doodle 18

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