TellAboutWhere is a web service you can use to process GPS track files ( .gpx .kml .kmz .nmea ) in various ways.

TellAboutWhere converts input GPS track files to output .kmz files. The following conversions are currently done:

The TellAboutWhere system organizes the input files by "file sets". File sets are named sets of files. You can name file sets anything you want. Names must start with a..z and may include 0..9, underscore and dash characters.

TellAboutWhere analyses alternate routes over all checked-boxed files in each file set.

TellAboutWhere creates the other output (e.g. sparsified) files from each individual input GPS file.

For most of the processing, the input files should contain time stamps on the points. Otherwise, TellAboutWhere can't know durations and speeds. Both durations and speeds are required for hikify and bikify processing.

After you upload a file, TellAboutWhere's background processing logic goes to work. Some of the processing can take a minute or two. An external process running on other machines than the server does the job. At this time, it's may or may not be running. So, it may be a looooong time until the processed files are ready to download.

TellAboutWhere keeps itself from being overloaded by only allowing 8 files in a file set. If you upload more than 8 files, TellAboutWhere whacks, first, files that are unchecked, then files at random. Since the input files are stored by (CRC32) hash, duplicate files are automatically eliminated.

Each individual GPS file must be under 10 megabytes in size. GPS files may be Gzipped (.gz) or (PK) zipped (.zip) for quicker uploading.

TODO here: Show example GPS files.

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