B. Alex Robinson
P.O. Box 911
Maple Valley, WA 98038
(425) 432-3532
Email: alex_resume@tranzoa.com
Resume: https://www.tranzoa.net/alex/resume.htm


Have consistently used creative software design and development skills to solve complex industry and business problems on time and within budget. Expert with Python, C, Assembler, others. Specialist in data and voice communications software development. Experienced tool builder.


Python C/C++ Assembler Java HTML CSS Javascript
Linux Windows Personal Devices Intel x86 Coldfire 8-bit CPU
Communications protocols Store-and-forward messaging
Client/server Distributed systems Multi-processor architecture
Embedded systems Device driver Firmware
Instant messaging Simulation Typesetting Telephony
System security Multimedia Email Data compression
Tools Assemblers Linkers Object file manipulation
Software / Hardware test systems Software Validation and Verification


Tranzoa, Co. Maple Valley, WA 98038
Owner 12-05 - Present

Contract development of software for medical devices.

Devices range from 7¢ microprocessor, throw-away items to multi-CPU with OS-agnostic, embedded PC running Python web server driving Webkit, browser-based UI.

Melodeo Seattle, WA 98101
Software Developer 11-03 - 11-05

A founder of startup conceived to deliver music to cell phones.

Designed specialized data structures, logic, and other elements for tethered-client to receive and store catalog information.

Designed, wrote, and supported portable C client code.

Tegic Communications / AOL Seattle, WA 98109
Principle Software Engineer 1-97 - 10-03

Built PJ (Personal Disc Jockey), a system for delivering music to personal devices. Music is selected by examining user evaluations, actions, and collaborative filtering information. PJ's logic was designed to be able to be applied to arbitrary "content" - whether musical or not.

Built TinyEmail, a system to deliver SMS-sized email arrival notifications. An AIM version of TinyEmail, TinyEmail2AIM, delivers a short, readable, "summary" of incoming email as it arrives at the user's post office.

Conceived and built an "Instant Information" system to deliver quick, targeted, textual information to Instant Messaging and SMS users. Besides opening possibilities for better delivery of important information easily to mobile people, this system explored a modern Internet "server" architecture; the system is inherently simple, globally distributed, 'n-way' redundant, and infinitely scalable.

Built a system to demonstrate and to drive full connectivity between AOL AIM/ICQ and short messaging (SMS) protocols.

Conceived and wrote SloppyType, a patented, touch screen keyboard input device. This keyboard device allows QWERTY and other familiar keyboard layouts to be implemented in the smallest area known possible. Coupled with small size, this keyboard is, for many users, the fastest touch screen text input device.

Programmed the Palm OS version of the T9 keyboard.

Programmed much of the first version of a T9, a revolutionary software "keyboard". T9 runs in embedded system environments and as Windows based demonstration programs. The code is flexibly configured, highly portable, and is cross-compiled on numerous C and C++ compilers. The system includes extensive internal and external test components.

Tranzoa, Co. Maple Valley, WA 98038
Owner 2-88 - 12-96

Consulting, contract, and end-product software development. Projects include:

OnlyMe, the leading Palm OS device access security program.

ClockOn, a power-on clock/calender display program for PalmOS devices.

AVBROWSE, a special purpose web browser. This graphical, DOS-extended browser is used as a user-interface front-end for a complex computer system. It implements most of HTML 3.2, with extensions specific to more sophisticated FORM handling and user-interaction control than HTML normally allows.

MDMTEST, a comprehensive "Hayes standard" modem firmware validation and regression test system.

Personal Access - PC hard disk security board firmware and software-only security system. This easy-to-use system is written in C and Assembler. The on-board PROM software runs as a BIOS extension. The software-only security program runs from the hard disk partition table sector before and above DOS, controlling certain types of access to the user's hard disk, keyboard, and floppy disks.

ET/RS-NET, store-and-forward network communications system. ET/RS-NET runs either on a DOS machine or is downloaded to a 80186/80188-based Digiboard serial port board. It uses 8250 UARTS and 8530 SCC USART chips, either direct or modem connected. ET/RS-NET also works through an Exelan TCP/IP driver to an Ethernet board. This network automatically finds and monitors all network nodes and paths, so that the technician need only connect each machine with at least 1 cable to any other machine in the network.

ASM80, an optimizing assembler. This program, written in C++, assembles the output from an 8080-based C compiler, making optimizations to save memory and processor cycles.

FX, PC remote access software. FX is a system for controlling a remote PC - seeing its screen and emulating its keyboard. FX allows background full-duplex file transfers and DOS file commands while the remote PC is being used by either operator. FX also has hooks for applications programs to use its error-free data channels.

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