Cold Air

The tempurature has changed. It’s in the 50’s – at least 10 degrees, maybe 15 down. Ouch.

And, it’s not caused by the earthquakes. Rather, the Taipai 101 building causes the earthquakes – or so it’s said.

Two earthquakes so far. Little guys, pleasantly shaking the building on the 2nd or 9th floors of which I’m on. The latest was not felt by two people who were on the street. So that gives an idea of the power.

Apparently, there are earthquakes every couple weeks. Apparently, there were no earthquakes before Taipai 101 was built. Think of Taipai 101 as a spear in to a fault zone. … Anyway, that’s the story.

So, goofing off now. Had a heck of a time arranging a rental car. Involved riding a scooter around for a few blocks. It’ll be a budget buster. Daily price of approximately 2 or 3 times my full daily budget so far. Oh well. Presumably, I’ll be off tomorrow for a few days in a vehicle.

Might have to skip town. The ATM card didn’t work in several ATMs today. Didn’t try a credit card. Almost sure that will need to happen, as I suspect that there’s a snafu at the bank. Account’s OK, btw. I’m typing now on a more secure system (booted from Ubunto CD) and checked WAMU. All is well on that front.

Well, off to watching DVD of Reno 911. Hard to avoid.

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  1. WaltDe says:

    Very good reading. Peace until next time.