When kids weren’t driven from one adult-controlled activity to another

When I play morning volleyball with the fogies at Mercer Island the other half of the gym is used by tiny tots, 2-5 years, with their nannies watching and with play directed by young, athletic guys. Rubber balls and cones fill the floor. The kids are shepherded from one thing to the next, learning to follow orders. The toys and tubes look like a whale of fun. And the little boys do spend as much time as they can sliding to the floor. Good for them.

But it gives me the creeps.

With that in mind, I scanned the rest of the “rb” box of old pictures.

Since the page is arranged alphabetically, the new scans are interspersed among the previous scans.

Here’s an example:

Paperboy Bruce 1959 Click to see pictures.

The pictures include a shot of the really cold winter of ’57 in Astoria – the winter the river froze – back before global warming.

Bruce in front of frozen wall - 1957

And this one illustrates perfectly the hopefulness of youth:

Just a *little* more snow. Please. Please. Please.

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