Tracking a portfolio relative to the market

Well, I’ve built a web based front end to

The idea is to track how well a stock portfolio is doing against a market average.

The front end uploads a text file and slowly presents an HTML listing of the output of

For “the market”, the web front end uses the S&P 500, no fees and dividends.

Other market averages have, in the last couple of years, done slightly better than the S&P. But we’re talking a couple percent, maybe. Not enough to write home about.

This is all real fun, of course, since my own portfolio’s printout shows I’m a genius. Maybe some time soon I’ll be a dunce and won’t spend so much time printing numbers to make myself feel secure in genioushood. 🙂 After all, if you read something (or hear it, or whatever), you’ll believe it. … Yet another reason to send yourself hundreds of spam emails a day telling yourself that others are getting huge fun from whatever it is you should be doing.

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