RainFilter gutter thingee

Picked up yet another gutter fixer thingee to try at Costco.

This one is called RainFilter.

RainFilter Package end

Installation was quick and easy. Just stash the foam strips in the gutter. Finshing off the odd-length end was easy, too, as the foam rips easily and accurately.

It hasn’t rained yet.

I am not hopeful for this gutter “solution”, though.

After I put the foam in the lower, garage roof, I swept the main, upper roof, sending lots of pine needles, etc. down to the garage roof. After resweeping the lower roof, here is what it looks like:

RainFilter gutter foam installed with pine needles.

Which shows that, after some rain and wind, one can expect that there will be a pretty nice layer of needles and leaves stuck on top of the foam. The foam is not slick, that’s for sure.

Anyway, we’ll see.

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