Pulsing Web Page

Years ago, I daydreamed about a head’s up display for futuristic Instant Messaging. The display would show vital signs of the “buddy” you were monitoring. Such an intimate thing might help with communication.

Seemed like a good idea at the time.



Viewing this waveform from the CMS50E requires an HTML5-capable browser (Firefox / Safari / Modern phones / Webit / maybe IE9). I do not know how timely the waveform will show up from outside the house. It updates on localhost about once a second – roughly in time with the heartbeat beeping from the device.

Alex Pulse

The waveform just stays put if the “finger” is out. Who knows what will happen when the device is not connected to the PC that runs the server.

The “finger” is my left index toe.

left toe

The project got a little out of hand. The general idea is to have a generic server that makes it easy to stream line/point numbers out to arbitrary numbers of web clients to graph. I cut things short to get this thing on line.

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