How many MIPS does the Earth’s DNA crank

I’ve often wondered how much processing power the Earth’s DNA has. In a sense, genetic evolution seems to be a search function, not unlike a nervous system, always seeking to represent, in some transformed way, a match to its outside reality.

Hmmm. If there were some reasonable way to measure “MIPS” in a broad sense, then I imagine that some of the parallels ‘tween nervous systems and genetic evolution would be clearer than they are now.

Anyway, thinking of genetic evolution as being a “brain” brings up the question: Is it self-aware?

Which brings up the question of: What the heck does “self-aware” mean?

Or, another question: Does it, genetic evolution, that is, have intention? (I’m thinking that anything that is “self-aware”, whatever that means, probably has motives of some sort. Maybe not true, of course, but it sure feels ok to think so.)


It’s the “etc” part that’s fun.

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  1. Isn’t the construction of particular instincts an example of learning AND thinking ahead on the part of the DNA CPU?

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