Does rotation matter?

Watch a baby get frustrated with toys that encourage them to fit a piece of wood in to a complex hole the piece is shaped for. Or watch a baby try to fit simple-geometry, 3D blocks through the 2D holes made for them in a box.

The question is: Do babies have a hard time twisting things and/or do babies just not “see” the rotation of an object? Or is there something else going on?

My own memory of those fit-the-pieces toys is not happy. I found them boring. And irritating. The danged thingees just did not fit properly! Like they had secret knobs that stopped them from going in to their holes. But I don’t remember having a hard time physically rotating the thingees. They just didn’t auto-rotate to exactly the right orientation as they should have. I was probably thinking, “Good golly, where is NFC when you need it?!!”

Well, luckily, the world moves on. Some years ago, car companies figured out a key should go in both ways. Now, they’ve figured out cars don’t need keys. Just a push-button. Soon, soon, your infant will be able to drive.

So what does a VR headset feel like if it rotates the horizon to always be level with your eye line? … … … As you see it in real life.

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