I woke up to a disturbing dream the other day. It made me think again about how our days are colored by our dreams – affected more than is anywhere mentioned by adults. Yes, we know that kids can have bad dreams and, because young kids’ dream worlds are so mixed with the real world, we know how much the two worlds influence each other. But we think we “grow out” if such things.

I doubt it.

I’ve woken up laughing from hilarious dreams a couple times over the last year. And, golly, the day sure felt better for such a good start. Oddly enough, one of the dreams was of an airplane spiraling to the earth. What was belly laughable about that escapes me just now, but … well, you had to be there. Anyway, it could have been a simple flying dream and the airplane was doing aerobatics – wonderful, funny, surprising aerobatics.

So, how do you encourage happy dreams, fun dreams, warm dreams?