Does rotation matter?

Watch a baby get frustrated with toys that encourage them to fit a piece of wood in to a complex hole the piece is shaped for. Or watch a baby try to fit simple-geometry, 3D blocks through the 2D holes made for them in a box.

The question is: Do babies have a hard time twisting things and/or do babies just not “see” the rotation of an object? Or is there something else going on?

My own memory of those fit-the-pieces toys is not happy. I found them boring. And irritating. The danged thingees just did not fit properly! Like they had secret knobs that stopped them from going in to their holes. But I don’t remember having a hard time physically rotating the thingees. They just didn’t auto-rotate to exactly the right orientation as they should have. I was probably thinking, “Good golly, where is NFC when you need it?!!”

Well, luckily, the world moves on. Some years ago, car companies figured out a key should go in both ways. Now, they’ve figured out cars don’t need keys. Just a push-button. Soon, soon, your infant will be able to drive.

So what does a VR headset feel like if it rotates the horizon to always be level with your eye line? … … … As you see it in real life.


Monday I was sedated and had my big-cataracted, right lens replaced with a CrystaLens by Dr. Jarstad at Evergreen Eye Center in Federal Way.

A bunch of eye-drops, at least one 13 hour sleep, and the eye is starting to see things without a sheet of turbulent water in the way.

The kitchen’s fluorescent lights made one thing very, very clear. Currently, the CrystaLens eye sees a far cooler color temperature. Two of the three kitchen lights were a bright blue in the new right eye, a warm orange in the “normal” eye. Here’s an image with two roughly identical sides on one of my monitors (the right-eye side has a bit of a blue glow on the other monitor).



That is, if the left eye sees the left side and the right eye sees the right side, the two sides look pretty close to the same.

The left eye version of this image doesn’t see a huge difference between the two sides. The right eye version sees a stronger blue-ish on the left, green-ish on the right with quite a bit of intensity difference.

There are a number of odd artifacts having to do with surrounding colors. But, we’ll see how things change in the next week or so. The doctor indicated I had quite a bit of swelling so it’ll be some time before things settle down.

But, at least today, the eye hasn’t felt like there’s a chunk of rock in it. That’s a huge improvement.