EasySay Characters

Talking on the phone recently, it seemed like a good time to note down somewhere the EasySay characters I used for OnlyMe admin passwords and such.

EasySay characters are characters that are quite unambiguous / distinct both in spoken form and in written form.

In short, they are: “AESINO267”.

OnlyMe considered the other characters to be equivalent to their EasySay peers.

Granted, mapping from the other characters to the EasySay characters is ambiguous. Z? Good arguments could be made for it to map to E, 2, or S.

Here’s the table:

A ahjk8
E bcdegptvz3
S fsx
I ily159
N mn
O oqr04
2 uw

So, if the world used a 9 character alphabet we’d spend a lot less time on the phone talking like we’re WWII combat guys with huge radios glued to our ears.